Retailer Information.

Do you want to get an edge over your international competitors? Fast delivery is the answer. Make Urgent Tonight available on your site and attract a whole new set of shoppers who don’t want to wait for 3 days to get things delivered.

Solve the issues listed below:
• Deliveries too slow to satisfy “see it like it buy it” demand
• Goods going missing in transit
• Customers not being home to sign for goods
• Goods left without signatures
• Time wasted chasing up unfulfilled deliveries
• Or worse still, a card being left and your customer having to go and collect the goods.

The Solution Urgent Tonight from Urgent Couriers, provides you with a simple technology smart solution that will give you an edge.

• One pick-up per day between 4-5pm
• Same-evening delivery between 6-9pm to homes in the Auckland Metro area Monday to Friday
• Flat delivery fee for a large Auckland metro area – (Pick up fee applicable for low daily volumes)
• Price covers up to 25kg per item
• Automated electronic booking
• Commissioned independent research and found that your customers want this service.
• Urgent Couriers commissioned independent research of 600 consumers by Buzz Channel
• High interest in Urgent Tonight
• Buzz described the service to consumers and asked them to rate it on a 1-10 scale (1 I hate it to 10 I love it)
• 80.3% rated the service between 7&10
• 33.5% giving it 10 (I love it)

The Area Covered:

• Urgent Tonight is available in the Auckland metropolitan area, click the Delivery Areas to view the coverage area.
• As an Urgent Tonight customer you can customise the look of the map to match your website.
• You can then link the map to your website so your customers can check that they are in the Urgent Tonight area.